Done Not Done: Clean Up Your Movie and Media To-Do Lists

Done Not DoneTo-do lists and task managers are commonplace on the App Store, and it’s sometimes hard for unique apps to stand out. But a recently launched app from Betaworks called Done Not Done surprisingly manages to do so. Don’t let the name fool you, this app doesn’t focus on the boring things you need to do, like picking up more milk or sending out 15 résumés. The goal of Done Not done is to get you to log the fun things you want to do, like films you’d like to see, albums you’d like to listen to, or books you want to read, and then see whether any of those interests overlap with those of your friends. That way, you can buddy up and share the experience. Normally I try not to use too many different apps for one general experience—I make use of Apple’s Reminders app for checklist-style task tracking, so getting me to use a different app for another kind of task-tracking requires a bit of effort.

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Shelly Palmer

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  1. TomasHunter says:

    Thanks for the great app idea, Shelly. I could really use an app like this because I’m always adding new movies and TV shows to my DISH Hopper DVR, but I can’t watch them fast enough. Sometimes while sitting in my office at DISH, I go on line and add more timers and recordings to my DVR. I’m not worried about storage space because it holds up to 2000 hours of entertainment; I just need something like Done Not Done to help me prioritize which movies and shows I want watch first.

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