Google’s Self-Driving Cars Are Better and Safer Drivers Than You

Google Self-Driving CarsData gathered from Google’s self-driving Prius and Lexus cars shows that they are safer and smoother when steering themselves than when a human takes the wheel, according to the leader of Google’s autonomous-car project. Chris Urmson made those claims today at a robotics conference in Santa Clara, California. He presented results from two studies of data from the hundreds of thousands of miles Google’s vehicles have logged on public roads in California and Nevada. One of those analyses showed that when a human was behind the wheel, Google’s cars accelerated and braked significantly more sharply than they did when piloting themselves. Another showed that the cars’ software was much better at maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead than the human drivers were. “We’re spending less time in near-collision states,” said Urmson.

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  1. Mike Smith says:

    how good were the “human” drivers ? Probably bad.

  2. Cat Thomas says:

    Loved the story about Google’s cars but something came to mind since I’ve passed one
    of these amazing vehicles on a few occasions. They never have to be anywhere!
    Every day is a leisurely drive. I tend to drive better when I don’t have to pick up a kid or be at a meeting or event. I would love to see the data if they programmed the car to be at a location 20 minutes away in 15 minutes. Then it would get exciting!

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